Protect your web form from spam

According to wikipedia Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems.
Online web forms, if not protected, may be submitted many times and flooding you with unwanted information and emails.
The spam protect option forces the form filler to fill in a certain string according to a captcha image, thus ensuring that the data is not entered by a computer.
Only after the form filler enters the right captcha number the email form may be submitted.
Steps to add a “spam protect” option to your form:
1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Go to the “form settings” on the right
3- Turn on the “spam protect” checkbox
4- Press on “apply”
5- Save the form.

Create an email contact form

A contact form is the most common type of online forms in websites today.
The contact form enables a communicational channel between the website owner/manager and the website users.
Being an email form means that all the data entered in the form is automatically sent via email to the form owner – alerting a new data entry. In addition to the email, the information is also stored in a data management tool and may be edited and viewed.

Here are steps to create a contact us form:* the FormLogix template gallery offers readymade contact us templates for those who do not wish to create one from scratch.
1- Enter the form creator.
2- Give the form a name in the form settings.

3- Drag the input elements needed:
textbox – for the name field
textbox – for the company field
email element – for the email address
textbox – for the subject text
textarea – for the description multi rowed text
4- Select each element and go to its “element settings” on the right and do 2 things:
a- give each element a caption name (for example: “name” for the name field element)
b- give each element a tab index number (starting from 1 to the first element, 2 to the second etc.)
5- Drag a label next to each element and change its text (to be the same as the element’s caption) .
6- Add buttons:
submit button – for submitting the form
clear button – for clearing the data filled in the contact fields
in order to create a clear button simply drag a regular button element -change its text to
“clear” and check the “Reset Button” checkbox (in the element settings).
7- Save the form.

Creating an online email form

An email form is a form that is configured to collect user data and send it to the form owner via email once the data is submitted in the form.
This kind of form to email is really useful in cases where the form owner needs to be informed when data is entered in his form. Examples for this form are a contact form, a feedback form, an order form, a questionnaire etc.
The email form is a great tool for staying in touch with users, however, some users find this insufficient and need the data in the form to also be stored somewhere and have the ability to manage it.
FormLogix is an email form builder that enables a user to create email forms. Once a form filler submits a form an email containing the data saved is sent to the form owner.
A web database is also set up behind the scenes and enables the form owner to enter the data at any given time in order to view, edit it etc.

Following are email form examples, which contain step by step instructions:
How to create an online invitation
How to create an online order form.
How to create an online purchase form.
How to create a tell a friend form

Creating an online order or purchase form – Part 2: purchase form

creating a purchase form enables the form owner to sell products online. Since FormLogix does not deal with payment processing at all the only way one can build a purchase form is by using the “Payment Integration” option.
Payment integration is a feature that connects the form to a payment processing company such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Google checkout or Swreg and makes online purchasing possible.

Following are step by step instructions of how to create a purchase form in the form builder:
1- Drag a label for the title of the form. Change its text to: Purchase Form
2- Add an image element to show your product. And a label to provide some information about it.
3- Drag a textbox and an email element to collect the user’s name and email address
give each element a tab index number in the “element settings” and a caption.
4- Drag 2 labels and place each next to an element. Change their text to “name” and “email”
5- Drag a label and use it to explain how the purchase process works in the form (for example: Once submitting this form the purchase process will be directed to paypal.)
6- Drag a button and change its text in the element settings to “Proceed to purchase”.
product name and price, for instance, already filled in.
7- Save the email form.
8- Add the purchase component to your form by using the “Payment integration” option.
Open the “payment integration” window from the “form settings”.
Choose the payment processing company from the list so that when your user decides to buy the product he will automatically be directed to the processing website to execute the purchase.
Once you choose a company you will need to fill in the details of your product. By doing so the user will be directed to the executing website along with the details of the product name and price, for instance, already filled in.
press on “finish”.
9- Save the form.

Creating an online order or purchase form

In the following post i will discuss the differences between an order form and a purchase form and provide a step by step instruction of how to create a simple order form (I will elaborate on the purchase form in the next post).

Many people have started to collect orders and even sell their products online. In order to add this kind of email form to your website you will probably need to spend a large sum of money to hire a professional programmer. Another alternative, especially for those who do not have any programming skills, is using a form builder.

What is the difference between an order form and a purchase form?
An order form – is a form in which the users choose a product and order it. This form does not deal with the purchasing process at all. Usually the multi-line element is used in this form to collect the info of several items.
A purchase form – a form in which the users can choose the item they want to buy and pay for it online using PayPal/Google checkout/Swreg/Moneybookers. In order to create such a form you have to use the “Payment Integration” option.

Here is a step by step instruction of how to create an order form in the form builder:
1- drag elements to collect the user’s personal information –
textbox to collect his/her name
textbox to collect his/her address
textbox to collect the phone number
email element to collect the user’s email address

a multiline which contains a textbox for collecting the product name, a numeric textbox for collecting the
quantity of each product and a textarea for collecting free text (remarks).
* Don’t forget to give each element a name (element settings>caption) and tab index number (element
settings>tab index).
Read more about the cation
Read more about tab index
2- Drag labels for each element. Change their text to be same as the element’s name and
place them next to the relevant elements.
3- Drag 2 labels and create section titles: Personal details and Order details.
4- Drag a submit button.
5- Design the form (colors, positioning etc)
6- Save the form.

Please tune in for the next post about creating a purchase form.