Create an email contact form

A contact form is the most common type of online forms in websites today.
The contact form enables a communicational channel between the website owner/manager and the website users.
Being an email form means that all the data entered in the form is automatically sent via email to the form owner – alerting a new data entry. In addition to the email, the information is also stored in a data management tool and may be edited and viewed.

Here are steps to create a contact us form:* the FormLogix template gallery offers readymade contact us templates for those who do not wish to create one from scratch.
1- Enter the form creator.
2- Give the form a name in the form settings.

3- Drag the input elements needed:
textbox – for the name field
textbox – for the company field
email element – for the email address
textbox – for the subject text
textarea – for the description multi rowed text
4- Select each element and go to its “element settings” on the right and do 2 things:
a- give each element a caption name (for example: “name” for the name field element)
b- give each element a tab index number (starting from 1 to the first element, 2 to the second etc.)
5- Drag a label next to each element and change its text (to be the same as the element’s caption) .
6- Add buttons:
submit button – for submitting the form
clear button – for clearing the data filled in the contact fields
in order to create a clear button simply drag a regular button element -change its text to
“clear” and check the “Reset Button” checkbox (in the element settings).
7- Save the form.