Saving a filter

While in my previous post i explained about filtering in general, This post examines how to save a filter for future use.

If you seem to view your data in a certain way, or if you look for the same type of information on a regular basis than it is highly recommended to save your filter/s.
Saving a filter means saving the filter terms (and not the results showing in the table) for further use. Once you save the filter you can make it appear in the data center as a shortcut. Saving a filter is also the way you can share your report by making it public.

Steps to save a filter:
1) Enter the toolbox and choose “filter” in the left menu.
2) Fill in the filter terms and press on “go”.
3) Go to the toolbox left menu, and choose ‘Save’ from the Filter options.

Saving the filter for the first time will open a floating window in which you will be asked to :
– fill in the filter name and description.
– save the filter s a shortcut by turning on the “create shortcut” checkbox.
once you save the filter as shortcut it will appear in the data center under the form name, allowing you to
enter the sliced data directly.
– share the filter by turning on the “share” checkbox. This option is used for making the report public. (read
more about public report)
4) save the filter.

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