How do I prevent form spamming? – Using the Spam protect

The ‘spam protect’ feature prevents spamming by not allowing the form to be showered with entries (by an automatic/human entity). Once the form filler presses on the ‘submit’ button he/she will be asked to fill in characters in the captcha box. If the characters are not entered correctly the form will not be submitted.

Please note! In Safari/IE6/IE7 or in forms smaller than 220×220 pixels the spam protect prompt (in section 3) will appear in a regular pop up window.

Steps to activate the spam protect option:
1- enter your form in the form creator.
2- check the “Spam Protect” checkbox situated in the ‘Settings’.

3- Save the form.

This is what the spam protect window looks like when a user tries to submit the form:

what is the tab index?

The tab index is an attribute that exists in every input element in the form builder and is designed to determine the order of all fields in the form. The tab index number is not given automatically by the system and the form owner must fill them in and define the fields’ order.
When you give all fields a tab index number you are actually defining which field is first, which is second and so on, thus allowing the form filler to make his way in the form using the ‘tab’ key in his keyboard.
The tab index number is also significant for the form owner since the same field order will be applied on the emails and data management report (the order of result grid columns).

Steps to change the tab index number:
1- enter the form in the form builder.
2- Select the element you want to be first and go to its ‘element settings’ on the right.

3- Fill in a tab index number in an ascending order (first element will be 1).
4- Press on ‘apply’.

5- Select the second element and give it the number ‘2’.
6- Continue to do so with all elements.
7- Save the form.

Adding a File upload element to your email form

The file upload element enables a form filler to attach a file to the data he enters in the email form.
Form owners who wish to provide this option to their users may use the ‘File Upload’ element.
In order for the file upload to work you will need to purchase a FormLogix subscription.
Please note – The option to upload files is not included in all FormLogix subscriptions since it is a special feature.

The file upload is limited to certain files and a certain size as follows:
File Size
There is a file upload limit of 1.5mb.

File Types
There are certain types of files which are not allowed to upload (due viruses and other worms).
This is a list of the allowed file types:
gif, jpeg, png, jpg, tiff, pdf, xml, htm, html, txt, doc, xls, pff, rtf, zip, mp3, avi, wav, wma, rar, xlsx, docx, dwg, skp.

Following are steps in order to add a file upload to your form:
1- purchase a subscription, in the payment center, that includes the file upload in it (either a ‘per form’ subscription+file upload or a VIP subscription).
2- in the form builder: drag and drop a ‘file upload’ element on to the design area.

3- Save the form.

How to Purchase a FormLogix form

The formLogix form creator has a free trial version for the period of 30 days. After this trial period a user will need to purchase a subscription in order to use his email form/s.

Purchasing a form is really easy and is divided in to 2 steps:
A- making a form or bulk form order in the FormLogix ‘Payment Center’.
B- Making the actual payment in PayPal. FormLogix does not handle its purchase transactions, it does not collect credit card numbers and such, but rather has a third party company – PayPal – do it for her.

There are 3 types of FormLogix subscriptions – you will need to review them in order to choose the most suitable for you:

1- Pay Per Form If you are interested in paying for only one or several forms (while leaving the rest of them in the free version) then this is a suitable option for you.

* Please notice that the ‘per form’ subscription enables you to purchase a basic subscription (for the chosen forms) and add these 3 special features: SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing (custom mailing is not available currently).
If you wish to include one, two or all of the above features you will need to turn on their checkboxes in addition before pressing on the “Buy Now” button.

2- Pay Per SubmissionIf you wish to base your subscription on a fixed number of submissions instead of on a certain time period than this is the option for you.
Once you choose this option all the forms in your account will function under the paid version. Each time someone fills in one of your forms the number of submissions will reduce by 1.
Please notice that this type of subscription does not include these 3 special features:
SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing.

3- Pay Per Account – VIP Subscription
If you wish to purchase an all included paid subscription for your entire account than this is the option for you. All you need to do is choose the period of subscription and all your forms will function under the paid version for that period of time.
* This subscription includes the 3 special features: SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing.

Steps to make a purchase:
1- Enter the ‘Payment Center’.
2- Choose your subscription:
per form – choose the period of subscription for the form/s (6/12 months) and turn on the SSL, Uploads checkboxes if necessary.
Per submission- Choose the number of submissions (100/200/500).
Per Account- Choose the subscription period (1/6/12 months)
3- press on the ‘buy now’ button in the relevant subscription section.
4- Once you press this button an order confirmation email will be sent to you from FormLogix – This is only an acknowledgment that your order was received (remember – payment was not even made yet).
4-you will then be redirected to PayPal where you will be required to login and pay.

In addition to the 3 subscription types there is an option to purchase a bulk of SMS’s in order to receive SMS alerts as well as emails. Read more about SMS Alerts.

The current/previous orders made are all stored in the payment history.

Sharing a form

Once your web form is ready to use you may want to think about sharing it with other users.
The form builder community is an active one and many users like to see and even use forms that were created by others.
Once you share your form it will appear in the FormLogix ‘shared forms directory‘. (the last 3 shared forms will also appear in the homepage- ‘Latest Forms‘ section). It should be noted that when a user clones your shared form the only thing he actually clones is the form’s design in the form creator. The data that was entered in your form is not part of the ‘share’ operation and it remains private, so in essence when cloning your form another user gets an empty shell that he can fill himself.
Sharing the form may be done from 2 places: from the data center or from within the form builder.

In order to share the form you need to:
1- press on the ‘share’ icon (in the data center you will need to press on the icon in the relevant form row and in the form builder you will need to press on the icon when the form is open).

Share icon in data center

Share icon in form builder

2- choose a tag – a category to which the form will be related.
3- enter the URL of the site where the form is embedded.

4- press on share.

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