How to Purchase a FormLogix form

The formLogix form creator has a free trial version for the period of 30 days. After this trial period a user will need to purchase a subscription in order to use his email form/s.

Purchasing a form is really easy and is divided in to 2 steps:
A- making a form or bulk form order in the FormLogix ‘Payment Center’.
B- Making the actual payment in PayPal. FormLogix does not handle its purchase transactions, it does not collect credit card numbers and such, but rather has a third party company – PayPal – do it for her.

There are 3 types of FormLogix subscriptions – you will need to review them in order to choose the most suitable for you:

1- Pay Per Form If you are interested in paying for only one or several forms (while leaving the rest of them in the free version) then this is a suitable option for you.

* Please notice that the ‘per form’ subscription enables you to purchase a basic subscription (for the chosen forms) and add these 3 special features: SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing (custom mailing is not available currently).
If you wish to include one, two or all of the above features you will need to turn on their checkboxes in addition before pressing on the “Buy Now” button.

2- Pay Per SubmissionIf you wish to base your subscription on a fixed number of submissions instead of on a certain time period than this is the option for you.
Once you choose this option all the forms in your account will function under the paid version. Each time someone fills in one of your forms the number of submissions will reduce by 1.
Please notice that this type of subscription does not include these 3 special features:
SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing.

3- Pay Per Account – VIP Subscription
If you wish to purchase an all included paid subscription for your entire account than this is the option for you. All you need to do is choose the period of subscription and all your forms will function under the paid version for that period of time.
* This subscription includes the 3 special features: SSL, File Upload, Custom mailing.

Steps to make a purchase:
1- Enter the ‘Payment Center’.
2- Choose your subscription:
per form – choose the period of subscription for the form/s (6/12 months) and turn on the SSL, Uploads checkboxes if necessary.
Per submission- Choose the number of submissions (100/200/500).
Per Account- Choose the subscription period (1/6/12 months)
3- press on the ‘buy now’ button in the relevant subscription section.
4- Once you press this button an order confirmation email will be sent to you from FormLogix – This is only an acknowledgment that your order was received (remember – payment was not even made yet).
4-you will then be redirected to PayPal where you will be required to login and pay.

In addition to the 3 subscription types there is an option to purchase a bulk of SMS’s in order to receive SMS alerts as well as emails. Read more about SMS Alerts.

The current/previous orders made are all stored in the payment history.


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