Corresponding with your form fillers

the form builder‘s data management tool allows you, not only to collect the data entered in the form, but also to email a form filler in response to the data he entered.
This correspondence is done via the ‘private forum’ option, which is a messaging system that enables you and the form filler to send each other messages back and forth.

Steps to use the ‘private forum:
1- enter the data management tool (press on the ‘data’ link in the ‘data center’ or ‘form data’ tab in the ‘form builder’)
2- stand on the relevant entry row and open its ‘tools’ sub menu and choose ‘private forum’.

3- A discussion window will open and you will be able to send a message to this form filler in the right section’s ‘subject’ and ‘body’ fields.
If this is the first time you open this window for this specific row than you will notice that the discussion tree is empty and a message ‘No discussion started yet’.

4- press on ‘send’ and an alert will appear (saying that the discussion was saved in the tree and that the email was sent to the user).

An email will be sent to the form filler containing your message and enabling him to respond using a form.
5- Each message, whether from the form filler or from you will now appear in the discussion tree on the left.