Limiting your email form to a maximum number of submissions

When you purchase a FormLogix ‘per form’ subscription your web form has no limit when it comes to the number of submissions it allows. In some cases you wish to ‘stop’ collecting data after a certain number of submissions – in these cases you can use the ‘max rows’ option in the ‘form settings’.
This option lets you enter a number of submissions after which form fillers will not find the email form accessible.
The max rows option closes the form to submissions but may be reopened by changing the number in the ‘max rows’ field to a bigger number or to 0 (zero means that there is no limit).

Following are steps to limit your email form to a maximum number of submissions:
1- Enter your web form in the form creator.
2- Go to the ‘form settings’ on the right.
3- Enter a number in the ‘max rows’ field.
4- Press ‘apply’.
5- Save the web form.

* Limiting the submissions may also be achieved by purchasing a ‘per submission’ subscription. However you should be aware that the bulk of submissions purchased apply to all forms in the account (which collect data publically) and not only to a specific form. So if you have a few active forms at the same time you will not be able to control the number of incoming submissions to each one separately.