FormLogix Web Forms

FormLogix web form builder enables you to create your online forms quickly and easily.
Since web forms have become such a common component in web sites and blogs there needed to be a DIY solution for those who wanted to cut costs and time.

FormLogix offers a wonderful solution for those who wish to build web forms themselves and have no programming skills. The form builder is easy to use; it is a WYSIWYG editor in which the user can see what his web forms will look like while creating them.

With FormLogix you can create custom web forms, conditional web forms or use readymade gadget web forms. Once the web forms are ready you need to save and publish them and you are done.

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Basic Form – Tooltip

In the Basic Form Builder all you need to do in order to make a new form is to create a pool of questions and if you want (it is not mandatory) you can also add conditioning to them by creating a flow. Creating the flow requires the adding questions. Once you add a question to the pool you will have to provide a question text (such as: what is your name?), question type (for example, a textbox, that collects alpha numeric values) and so on. The tooltip is yet another field in this window. It allows the form owner to add a description of his question.

Basic Form – Display as single group

The ‘display as single group’ is a new feature of the basic online form builder. In the past when you create a pool of questions and published your form it would automatically, by default, be displayed continuously: each question or group at a time. This new feature allows you to display your basic form in one list of questions, in one group, on one page (with a scroll if needed).

Please note that this feature may not be used when you want to create a conditional form, because the flow of the form is dynamic and depends upon the form fillers answers and so the questions may not be displayed in advance.

In order to have the your form displayed in one group make sure that the ‘display in a single group’ checkbox in the ‘form settings’ is turned on.

Basic Form – 2 new types of questions

The basic form pool consists of several types of questions from which the manager can create his online form. Until not long ago it consisted of only 6 types of questions:
1- a textbox for entering alpha numeric content
2- a numeric textbox for entering numeric data
3- a textarea for entering free text
4- an email for entering email addresses
5- a horizontal radio button for providing the user with a choice of items to choose from 6- a listbox (same as the radio button) for providing a choice of items to choose from

In our last version, launched recently we have added 2 new types of questions:
1- Data Picker – for adding  a calendar element to the form
2- a Verticat Radio button, which is identical to the horizontal radio button, onlyit displays the values in a vertical way.

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