Basic Form Style

The basic form is created with a different form builder than the one used to create the advanced form. The form creation process in the basic form builder was discussed at length in this blog in the past and while we showed how to easily create a form by building a pool and then a flow, we did not discuss the style issue.
The style of the form refers to the color scheme, the fonts, sizes, borders etc. While the basic form builder is not design oriented, and is not meant to be so it still offers the user a way to change the look of the form using styles. So even if you cannot determine where your elements will be placed you will still be able to change the background colors, fonts and borders.
The way to go about it is rather easy. In the basic form builder main screen there is a section on the right called “form settings”. The last item in this section is “style” and by pressing on the button a style window will appear.
Using this window you will be able to change the form’s styles according to the form’s main parts: Header styles, Footer styles, Form Body styles and Border styles. Keeping the published form open while changing the styles is recommended so you can save and check each transformation online.
Once you make all your required changes all you will need to do is press “ok” and save the form.

basic form style