FormAssembly online form builders and its alternate form builders

What are online form builders  and how it works ?

Earlier online web form creation process used to be handled by professional programmers, which was taking a big long time, where now a day’s web based form builder is an easy app to create any type of web forms online with few clicks without  taking any professionals support.

While the online form creation process used to be handled by professional programmers, it is now open for all and allows you to add forms to your site without taking any professional help.

Why should one use FormAssembly online form builder and what are the alternate of it.

Building forms for an international audience?

FormAssembly has the features you need to build advanced forms, along with support for over 30 languages.

Your forms themselves can be smarter than most, with form scheduling, calculated fields, and even options to let your users edit their form submissions if needed mean that your forms can work for you without any extra effort.


Then, if you want to run a form app on your own servers, but want something more customized than a WordPress plugin, FormAssembly’s the app for you, as it has a self-hosted option as well that can run behind your company’s firewall.

What are some of the alternatives you can use instead of FormAssembly?


FormTitan A powerful cloud based form builder tool for creating online web forms. It is so simple that in a matter of minutes you can create your form and start using it. It requires no programming skills – Titan does it all for you.

FormTitan enables you to create an endless array of forms: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc.

Formtitan is packed with a conversion rate optimization engine, its allow not just to build a very nice form but will also help you to build it in a way that it will have a better conversion rates.

formtitanIn the world of Online forms, conversion rate is the number of visitors who submitted a form divided by the total number of visitors to that form. Conversion Rate Optimization simply refers to the process of improving your form by increasing your conversion rates.

FormTitan is by far the best to FormAssembly alternate


FormCraft is an amazing and extremely easy to configure form plugin.
It could be used for something as simple as a “contact us” form or something more advanced & imaginative.

formcraftThe form builder is really easy to use and it comes preloaded with the some templates; contact form, newsletter, order form, customer support template.

This makes the job easier, as you can play with the templates, modify it, till you get a full understanding of the form builder.
FormCraft can also be integrated with Aweber, GetResponse & Mailchimp. All you have to do is download an add-on from the plugin dashboard. The add-ons are free and it is hosted on the WordPress plugin repository.

Another awesome feature of FormCraft the conditional law function, which enables you to display or hide elements based on set conditions.
This is useful for getting additional information, e.g. you can set the form to display an additional field depending on the answer provided by the person filling the form.

The form also has a very good spam prevention system, I’ve used the plugin for over a year, it has received over a thousand submissions and not a single one is spam.

FormCraft also has a beautiful and yet professional feel across several devices. The nCraft claimed it was fully responsive but the thing with these kind of plugins is that you never can be so sure until you test it yourself. The plugin looks good on mobile and it retains its seamless functions across several devices.

The plugin also allows you send notifications to several E-mail addresses once a form is submitted, you can list several email addresses that you want to receive the submitted form, and you can also view submitted forms from the dashboard. The dashboard also shows you the conversion rate of the plugin; i.e. how many views did the form get and how many submissions.

The only issue I had with the plugin was when it received a major update, I recently noticed the plugin wasn’t submitting, this was fixed by reauthorizing the plugin but the client lost a lot of leads anyway. This was partly my fault as nCrafts (makers of the plugin) already announced the fix and conflict but I obviously didn’t get the memo.


The only form builder that allows you to design your form without any layout restrictions. Creating basic web forms without having to deal with their design.

formlogixAdding dependencies to create a compound flow in the form. With FormLogix you can createan endless array of forms: Contact forms, Feedback forms Surveys, Online polls, Order forms Event registration forms etc.


The online web form builder is used for constructing all kind of web forms, which can be embed in your website or blog.

formstackIt is a controlling tool to create any types of form, to collect information from your website visitors and manage the collected information. Normally each submitted date used to come by email and at same time it stores information in database for management and analysis.