Online forms, Salesforce and non-profits

What do these three have in common? well – they work wonderfully well together.

Non profits, even though they have low budgets, cannot afford to miss out on working with the best tools. They need to be efficient in order to survive and need good tools to do it. Salesforce, for instance, is a great CRM cloud platform that helps many non profit organizations do better.
Since Salesforce also wants to contribute to society, it offers NPO’s 10- free licenses as well as a large discount for additional licenses. This is a big help coming from a major online player and it is silly not to take advantage of it.
Form builders, also help non profits. They allow them to collect online data easily, creating polls, surveys, feedback forms, contact forms, order forms etc.
Most form builders also provide a discount for non profit organizations.
Look for a form builder that is easy to use and create forms with salesforce integration.
Be sure to look for a form builder that has a strong integration with Salesforce.  a Salesforce form builder that can write in salesforce objects and read from them.