Make your online forms responsive

What is responsive design?

According to responsive design “ is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen”.
It is highly important to have responsive design in your online forms, so they look good in any device. Nowadays people use mobile phones much more than they used to and if you do not accommodate these mobile users they will simply leave your website (and you don’t want that…)

Can you create a responsive online form with a web form builder?

Web forms have become a common, sought after element – everybody uses online forms. Responsive design has become standard, and all websites are now created to be responsive. It is not surprising then that some form builders actually provide the capabilities for creating responsive forms. Needless to say, there are many form builder tools and they differ in the features they possess, so it is important to check and compare before starting to use one.

Is FormTitan a responsive form builder?

Yes, it is. The FormTitan platform enables the creation of both responsive landing pages and responsive online forms. When you build a form you have 3 work modes: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Workflow using a form builder

What is Workflow

The workflow is a visual diagram used to automate business processes, routine tasks that need to be handled in steps in order to be completed.
By automating your business tasks you improve the efficiency of your business. The data moves from step to step more quickly, the likelihood of errors grows smaller and it is easy to monitor the status of the task at any given step.
There are endless types of workflows, since they are used in different industries for different purposes. You can find workflows for Human resources, Health care, customer service, Education, and even for the military.
When you want to automate your tasks using a workflow it is better to make a sketch and plan it beforehand. This will help you understand the process better and help you identify potential problems or bottlenecks before they occur. Once your plan is completed your sketch and checked it you can start creating your workflow. Simply enter your online form and open the Workflow window. drag the elements to set a workflow and connect them to determine the flow.

Form builder for workflows

How can you create a workflow for your online form? Are there tools for this?
There are many tools for creating workflows. Some are cloud based and some are not, some are all about workflow, and some have the workflow in them as a feature.
Businesses using online forms for collecting data and internal uses should consider using a form builder that has a built in workflow.

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Adding a digital signature to your online form

e-signatures in online forms

If you need to create an online form and you need to add a digital signature to it – can this be done? can a digital signature be incorporated in it?
The answer is “Yes” – this can easily be achieved with a form builder, which offers Standard elements like textboxes, radio buttons or checkboxes. These are easily found in all form builders, but special elements like signatures are not always available, so you need to make sure the form builder you want to use possesses the special elements you need.

The Signature – manual VS. digital?

Businesses still have to use signatures as part of their business processes and that is a fact. they use it, for example, to get a customer’s consent, a manager’s approval, or a sign of obligation. The signature can be used in many different purposes.
Because of the fact that many businesses still use paper forms, getting them signed means that you need to print them out, have them signed manually and fax them.
And online forms? what happens when forms are digital? In businesses that do use online forms instead of hard copy ones the electronic chain is often broken in order to add a signature to the digital form and this is a shame.
There are great benefits to adopting digital signatures: why use paper forms, which take up space, are not cost effective, are easily damaged or torn, can be misplaced, require delivery, cannot be easily edited, may lead to mistakes, not mentioning the environmental issue.
This is why the digital signature is a good solution – it keeps the process online, streaming, fast and effective.

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