About FormLogix

FormLogix is a form creator created by Benny Tsabba and Amy Weinberg.

Our Mission is to respond to the growing need and demand for high quality digital web forms,
and to the time consuming and costly process of creating them.
We strive to do so with our form creator tool, which was designed to be flexible and user friendly
as well as innovative.

We believe in providing our clients not only with the best tools, but also with the best service.
Our product is, after all, tailored for them.
We aspire to become a globally recognized provider of web database and form processing tools.

3 thoughts on “About FormLogix

  1. I started the free trial about 3 days ago and loved all the options that were avaliable. Today I tried to login but a message said that my account was not activated. I checked my e-mail and followed the directions but it still won’t let me login. I really need to access it today for my job. Please help me

  2. Hi, i create and publish a form in my googlewebsite and when i close, it appear ”this form has expired” how i can reapair it?

  3. hi there,
    FormLogix offers its users a 30 day free trail period after which the forms become inactive. in addition each form in this trial version is limited to 20 submissions.
    the “expiration” message appears when your entries reached the 20 limit , or if 30 dyas have passed from the registration date.
    the only way to make the form/s active again is to purchase a subscription.
    read more about it here:

    good luck,

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