Add a remark to a data entry

Sometimes when you manage your data entries in the data management tool of the form builder you want to add a little private note to some data entries.
These little notes are many times added to the entry as a flag to a certain things (for instance you can flag the entry as ‘not available’ by adding this text to the ‘remarks’) and later on this may be used to filter the data (and search for all the enries which are ‘not available’).

Following are steps to add a remark to your data entries:
1- Enter your form’s data.
2- Place your cursor on the entry row that you want to attach a remark to.
3- Press on the ‘>’ sign located in the tools column and the ‘tools’ sub menu will open.
4- Select the ‘remark’ option.

5- A window will appear and you will need to write you remark and save it.