Create a basic form – Part 2: The flow

As i explained in my last post, the basic form builder consists of 2 work modes: the ‘pool’ and the ‘flow’. The pool is the heart of the basic form and may be used exclusively, skipping the flow process altogether.

So what is the flow good for then? The flow allows you to change the default order of questions, determined in the pool. It allows you to create a compound flow, one that has several routes depending on the user’s input (thus making it a conditional form).

Following are steps for Creating the form’s flow:
1- Once the pool is complete press on the ‘Flow’ work mode button to enter the Flow.
2- Press on the ‘Add a Question’ icon to choose questions from the flow and add them to your flow one by one.
You can determine their order using the ‘move up’ and ‘move down’ icons in the toolbar.
3- You can also add groups of questions to your flow by pressing on the ‘add a group’ icon. You may also determine after what question the group will be displayed using the ‘move up’ and ‘move down’ icons.
(Notice that the group question may not be separated – they will appear as a batch).
4- You can turn the form into a conditional form by placing questions/groups under multiple question answer options.
For instance : if you have a multiple question ‘what is your gender?’ which has 2 option (male, female) you can select the ‘male option’ and add a question (for instance, ‘do you like to drive?’) . You can also choose the ‘female’ option and place a different question under it (for example, ‘do you like shopping?’).
This way you can add many conditions to your form.
5- If you wish to add an exit after one or several questions in the flow, you can do so by selecting the question and pressing on the ‘end form’ icon. (for example, if you wish to collect only men’s data, you can add an ‘end form’ sign after the ‘female’ option. This will make sure that when a woman is filling in the form it will reach the finish line once she fills in that she is a ‘female’. )

Learn more about how to create a flow.

Create a basic form – Part 1: The pool

Choose Basic Form
The basic form builder is exactly what is sounds like: simple. It is a tool with which you can create your web form easily and quickly. In order to set up an online basic form all you need to do is create a pool of questions and determine their sequesnce in the Flow.
The Pool is the basis for this form – if you do not wish to add a flow, that’s alright – the form’s default flow (questions sequence) will derive from the pool.

Creating the pool is really simple:
1- Press on the ‘Add Question’ icon to add a question to the pool.
2- Once you have added all of your questions you can change their order. You can also edit them using or delete them.
3- Groups may also be created by choosing certain questions from the pool.
4- That’s it basically… once you finished adding questions you can save the form and use it ‘as is’. If you do so, the questions in the published form will be displayed in the order they appear in the pool. Read all about the pool.
5- If you wish to change the flow or even adding conditions, making the flow compound, you can do so in the Flow (Which I will talk about in my next post).