How to add a radio button to your feedback form

A feedback form must allow the form filler to give his opinion. A good way to collect this data without letting the form filler stray to other minor topics is by giving him a list of a options to choose from. This may be done by using a listbox element or a radio button element.
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How to use the radio button element?

The radio button is an element which is designed to give the user a choice between a few options. This element is very similar to the listbox element.

Following are steps to use the radio button element:
1- enter the form builder and drag a radio button element.
The element will appear with 3 default values (radio o, radio 1 and radio 2) in a horizontal layout.

2- Select the radio button and go to its element settings on the right.

3- Change the element’s caption text and tab index number.

4- Add the radio button items by pressing on the item picker button ()

5- you can change the radio button’s horizontal layout to a vertical one by turning on the ‘Vertical’ checkbox. This will place the items one on top of the other.

6- You can also determine the space between the radio items by using the ‘Width/Height’ textbox. This option applies to horizontal as well as vertical radio buttons. Simply enter the space in pixels (for instance 50) and press on ‘apply’.

Please notice that you will probably need to stretch the element’s border once you use this option.

7- Save the form.

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